Friday, October 26, 2007


My CSI PSIs winged their way out my front door to Canada yesterday. My brain is tumbling around the most recent discussions about the nature of art - especially textile art , and clutter/stash sorting. I think I need to order my thoughts first before commiting to this blog. Don't you find that everyone's thoughts, ideas and input on both these topics is valid to some extent, raises points you hadn't considered yourself and you need time to absorb, sort, rationlise and question. I guess everything boils down to pure problem solving and that's probably the main problem with the amount of information available to us today via the Internet. I find that there are so many people with so many interesting things to say and fabulous ideas to explore that I spend wa-aa-aa-y to much time scouting round the web every morning tasting honey here and there.


Quilt Pixie said...

oh I hear you! I go through cycles of collecting way too many ideas, and then withdrawing, needing to focus on MY creative journey, not share/solicit opinions of others... Finding that creative balance between the two is such a challenge.... :-)

arlee said...

When i first started blogging 3andabit years ago, there weren't many except for knitters and the occassional trad quilter--i'd get SO excited when i found a site that was unique in textile arts!I'd scoop and run to my studio--Bloggarhea!!!!
With all the inspiration and art now though, i'm more selective--some though i love them, do the same thing over and over and how often can you say to them "it's beautiful"?
It also helps to "ignore/forget" those inspiring sites once in awhile--i regularly "defocus" on other's work and just play with mine----even going offline for a week at a time! I still have to ask myself once in awhile "would i be doing this/using this if X and Z weren't?"
Looking forward to your PSI's!