Sunday, February 24, 2008


These are some of my thoughts about the challenge theme - I am old enough to remember >>>>. I wanted to jot down mainly happy thoughts that would be unique to me and my memories of growing up. I could have gone into things like the day JFK got shot and so on but I really felt the need to deal with something special and also joyful. What have selected from the random scribblings at left is the sights and sounds of the old "bottlo" guy that used to collect everyones empty bottles once a week (and you got paid for it!) This was recycling before we knew what recycling was. He had a horse and cart of all things and there were always large pats of horse poo in the back lanes as reminders of his visit. I remember the glass always being green and thick (don't know if my memory is correct or not - maybe just the beautiful emerald bits were the ones that captured my eye. I also remember he had heaps of hessian bags in his cart.
The work I did is so close to finished (and has been since February 5!!!) I have just been distracted by other things. I am hoping to post the final tomorrow.

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fiona d said...

I love the style of your jottings