Sunday, October 12, 2008


Arlee and Mary Anne, have I told you guys that I love you! I laughed at your pictorial vibes, MA. How I broke the shoulder blade? Well, I have severe osteoporosis - the bones (apparently) of a woman of more than 95. Something I have been informed that I am remarkably young to have at all. Just my luck, why couldn't it be something else, like (hmmmmmmmm???? started a bad analogy there - there is NOTHING good about old age). Anyhoo, I can fracture things at the drop of a hat, and frequently do - just ask Arlee. This time, some idiot acned teenage boy working in a supermarket came hurtling out of one of the aisles, glancing behind himself (for what? The boogeyman?) and slammed into me. I didn't fall, but I could feel something go uh oh. Lucky for me I am a very quick healer and am starting to feel a bit better. The worst part is not seeing my boys for ages, cos they just want me to pick them up all the time (and I am a big sucker, I know) and climb all over me and I'm really not supposed to be doing that. I am, however, going to do it next week because I had a miserable weekend missing them and telling myself not to cry every two seconds. The worst part about being a permanently depressed person is that, no matter how good the meds are, you still have to battle with that monster every now and then.

I felt sad for my kids too and I just wanted to go and punch their father's lights out for hurting them. The old mama bear isn't too far from the surface, no matter how old the cubs.

So to log on and read you guys giving me moral support just made me cry, to be honest. I wanted to get on the next plane to Canada and come and hug you to bits, but of course I can't as I haven't got a passport at the moment - but it is an idea that's been stewing in my brain awhile, so you never know.

Just to end on with a pleasant scene for you both with the chill of winter stalking up your driveways, and to brag just a teensy bit, feast your eyes on my best spring show yet of my (appropriately named) Double Delight rose climber:


arlee said...

I could just fall into that rose, curl up and stitch it around myself---so beautiful!

Heal fast my dear--and keep that sense of humour crackling!

Magpie's Mumblings said...

Awwww...sure didn't mean to make you cry!! I hadn't realized that you could break that need to wear a huge sign to tell people to treat you with TLC. I guess if we're going to send you any more cyber-hugs, they had better be gentle ones.
As for the rose...gorgeous, and I'm soo jealous that you're heading into summer and we're soon going to be snowed on.