Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dog Farts!!!

My poor old dog Kahluah is the victim of my attempts to economize on the groceries by purchasing store brand dried dog bits to go with her evening bone. Her flatulence would eliminate the population of a small African nation. I finally figured it out yesterday when I sat at the computer to work and was almost asphyxiated with noxious gas filling the room. She hates to sit near me when she is guilty of such crimes and promptly plonked herself in my bedroom. When I entered that room later and was again assailed by the offending pong, I had that "aha" moment of realizing who was the offender (let's face it, not a difficult deduction given there are only two of us in this house).

My son Steve rang me to ask me the make and model of my car. A little alarming, as he has been using it exclusively for the last 3 weeks! He explained, to my relief, that he had buggered one of my tyres and was phone shopping for a new one. This leads into my explanation of my two hour excursion by bus and train to my daughter Nat's house which is normally a 10 minute drive away. The main problem with our public transport system, as I see it and I am a huge fan of the concept IN PRINCIPLE, is that bus drivers seem to have a rather offhand attitude to timetabling. This attitude permits them to fly past your bus stop 6 minutes early, because it is a less busy time, and totally ignore your flailing attempts to hail them from across the road while you ponder the value of your life versus plunging headlong through the stream of peak hour traffic flashing past. I should explain that the bus in question was travelling towards the outer suburbs, not the city and presumably he was fully focused on the meat pie awaiting him at the depot for morning tea.

Glad I vented all that. Needless to say, my whole day disappeared down the gurgler, because I was so exhausted when the excercise was REPEATED at the train station (I even contemplated that it would have been quicker to walk, except for the Scottish drizzle and wind). By the time I got back home, I needed a Nanna nap!!! The day wasn't a complete waste tho, as I bought a copy of Paper, Cloth and Scissors magazine that I had not seen before (always much grist in that little jewel) and saw my divine grandsons Dylan and Kieran. Oh yeah and I spun a web (but it needs improvement.

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Nellie's Needles said...

Welcome to the cyber world. I thank Arlee for sending me to your blog. It's now added to my toolbar favorites and I'll be back on a regular basis to see the results of your creativity and to read your musings about life.