Thursday, August 30, 2007


I have a friend. (Not just one!) She is such a sweetheart and she punctuates her conversation reularly with the word "luv" (referring to the co-conversant). My kids call her Luv and she is so eccentric, but the great thing is that she is fully able to laugh at herself - a very typically Aussie trait. I went to her house for lunch with a couple of other pals yesterday. The thing about Luv is that she has a bit of an addiction and its a strange one. She cannot resist buying all sorts of crap - mainly because it is bargain priced. Her cupboards and every nook and cranny are groaning with all sorts of goodies - mostly never been used, still in the packaging. Like, sheets, towels, bedding of all types, teatowels, sewing notions (cottons, zips, buttons,etc - but she cannot sew!) She has huge boxes of catering size clingfilm, baking paper, foil etc. She has every conceivable type of mustard you could think of, every kind of salt, soup and on and on. She has clothes for the whole family that have never had the tags and boxes removed, like the 25 men's ties I saw draped on her lounge chair. You never, ever leave her house empty handed because she is constantly giving you things she thinks you need. Like clothes. I cannot count the things she has given to me, some never worn, that she thinks I can alter to my size and make trendy things from. Yesterday she gave me 10 unopened packets of pantyhose!!!! Some would be over 15 years old. The classic, though, was the 120 chicken bags she produced. Even she admits it was a bit odd to buy this lot! You may know them, they are white paper bags outside and foil inside and shops use them to sell cooked chickens in. I took one to play with as there MUST be a way to either utilize them or make them into something wonderful. I'm not so great at the paper arts so SUGGESTIONS would be gratefully received.
That's what I leave u with today as I woke with a dreaded migraine (took my magic pill so it's lifting slightly) and I am going shopping with both my girls and my grandsons this morning to my favourite shopping centre.

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arlee said...

She sounds like my grandmother :}
As to the chicken bags--paint them, tear them, rip them, cut shapes, twist, stitch stitch stitch burn and go wild---you can't make a mistake and if you do you'll learn something! And then SHOW us what you did--you may have discovered a new material!

Thanks for the link back, Hon! Much appreciated.