Monday, August 27, 2007


Last night I was lying in bed remembering the weirdness of something I saw on

Saturday on the noticeboard at the local shopping centre. It was a handwritten note that remarked "Found - deased cat.....", went on to name location of aforesaid dead pussy, described the dearly departed and requested that the owner come and collect it. Now, I don't know if it's just me and my strange sense of humour, but I frequently find myself coming across such peculiarities in life and proceed to make up little stories about them, based on certain deductions I like to make from the evidence.

In this case, I imagine the writer, a frail old woman well into her 90s (handwriting wobbly, but typically flowery style of that vintage), digging up her fresias or winter irises (because they are finished now) and coming across -----smelly dead old cat!! I can relate so much to this poor old thing because I clearly remember the day I came across the four paws of our old cat poking up stiffly through the ivy next to the letter box on a warm spring afternoon (and boy, was she whiffy).

Then, I ask myself a la Columbo, did she feel angry, cross or was she upset and sad for the owners of moggy???????????Is that why she grabbed her walker and shuffled down to post her notice straight away? Yes, it's a real puzzler. I feel that she was more sad than irate. I would guess she has her own little Socks and thinks empathetically (she is a woman after all) about how sad she would be if he vanished one day and finished up in someone's front border.

Then, the bleeding obvious question I asked myself - Where the hell is she keeping the body until someone claims it? It wouldn't surprise me if there's a suspicious parcel wrapped in Clingfilm in her humungous chest freezer in the garage. Actually, given her age and the fact that Pussy's owners are most unlikely to ever show up and admit to the burial, I wonder if she has forgotten what that parcel is? I can imagine her opening up the door of the freezer around Christmas time, picking up the frost enshrouded lump and wondering what the...??? Really, let's not go there!

What did I do yesterday (Sunday)? Think, think.. oh, yeah, vacced all the crap off the floor, put a few things away and made some laundry bags up for a friend. You know the kind you put your smalls into and then into machine. She had given me some bits of net and stuff to do it weeks ago and really, they are only 10 minute jobs, but I had been procrastinating to hell and back about doing them, all the time thinking about the 789560 other projects either swimming lazily in my brain or already half started and put away so carefully that I possibly will only ever come across them one mad day when I go beresk and clean out all the cupboards.

I did make an attempt a copying a bottlebrush flower. Now I am going to try again to put the photo down here (I have been reading the help thingy and I think I can do this), So if (NO<>

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arlee said...

ROFLMAO You are too funny!!! Poor cat, RIP cat, love live cat.....:}