Monday, September 3, 2007


Rightio then! Arlee, yes that is me - the blonde bimbo. The female one anyway. I decided I should put a photo of me on my site and I did. It is a wee bit old and shows me with shorter and artificially darker hair but still the same maniacal grin. It was, I believe, Christmas Day 2005. I have resisted the temptation to clean/dispose of my ironing board cover, but have had quite a few thoughts about combining that effect and the chicken bag musings. I found the most satisfying thing is to burn the bag, because the white paper totally vanishes and the foil is left. Led me to think - that would make it so suitable as the inside of a light cover as it seems like its fireproof. So, started pondering about making little lantern covers from the bags for strings of fairy lights. I thought, paint the outside paper bit, make into an interesting shape (not just boring old circular) and maybe do some "snowflake" cut-out thingies in the paper like we did at school. Then I discovered quite a brilliant extension of the whole concept as a result of failed (so far) experimentation with disposable nappy interiors. What I had done, was rip up all the fluffy bits into a saucepan with all the polymer crystal thingies in there and added water. I found that 2.1 litres (about 7 pints) swells up so-o-o-o-o-o much I had to stop, but reckon you could keep on going almost ad inifinitum. I poured a glob of purple acrylic paint in, stirred and dumped half of it into a baking sheet lined pan. The other half I kept whiteish and put into a bowl (thinking of shaping into beads later). Put those in the sun for a day and a half of very warm weather. Nothing set! It was all still a globby liquidy stuff, so I ripped up shreds of the burnt off foil from the chicken bags and decided to mix in some white glue. Had to use 125 grams per half lot (I think that equates to 8oz(???) per nappy. Mixed thoroughly and now its sat again in very warm weather (tho had to bring it inside at night because insects kept committing hari kari in the vessels). STILL not set!!!!

However, then I thought, hmmnnnnn? This could be applied as a coating to the outside of the lantern things and painted over because the crystals look amazing under paint. Hope you can see from these:Then I thought that if this works, I might even try a proper lampshade!!!! Oh my God I feel totally inspired! Plus, of course, I will have to destroy another disposable nappy and use way less water with the glue from the outset (must re-stock on that) to see if I can make a sheet of ppapery stuff and maybe some beady things. Keeping u posted!

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Nellie's Needles said...

What fun! You are so daring and adventurous with your supplies. I can't wait to see your wonderful shades on lights as well as what you ingeniously do next.