Friday, September 7, 2007


I made up some little lantern covers for the fairy lights. Currently they look a bit like witches hats, but cute!!! This looks like having potential, but I am going to shelve the nappy thing for a while, it just aint right. I will mull upon it.
Also worked like a veritable demon on Nat's quilt and it is now fully pieced on top with an edging ready to attach. (I wanted to see how it would go, cos it really did need at least a tiny dab of red in there somewhere.) It's actually black and white, but the colour is kinda bluish grey and try as I could, I was unable to fix it with Picasa - making it b&w just eliminates the red touches. It is also humungous, over 6 feet long and 5 and a half wide. It is going to be a right bastard to quilt. Therefore mostly it is going to be very simply in the ditch, with some free motion on the plain borders if I get the energy.
We had a wedding meeting of the parents last night, mainly to discuss the financials. (Don't know why I was there, I am definitely not financial, but I have promised Nat I will pay for her dress with some of the super money I should get soon.) Every time I see my husband, I am convinced that he is getting more and more senile. He asked Nat if they HAD SET A DATE yet?????????
Du-u-u-u-uh!That was only done last Christmas and, as she pointed out, every single time he has spoken to her since then, he has asked the same question and been given the same answer. It's not a difficult date to remember - 26 April, the day after our Anzac Day public holiday. I am so glad he and I are apart, I remember how much it used to annoy me that he was either never paying attention or definitely senile and I probably would have put a meataxe thru his head by now.
I have to stop as I feel myself entering dangerous territory and already I have a migraine looming large. Besides, to enumerate his many problems is counterproductive, not my problem any more and would take me all day (make that all year).

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arlee said...

The little lantern covers are so cute! Bet they look magical with lights in them!

I'll be mailing the ATC's to you this Saturday, hope they get there soon (ish :})