Friday, September 21, 2007


I will share about those little boots for y'all that is interested. I believe the pattern is on the Martha Stewart website and the original was made with felt. I used fleecy and fake fur fabrics instead and handstitched a blanket stitch edge around the outside with some yarn. I will put the link in here once I have checked that my memory is correct: (Not so bad for an old lady!)

There will be no photos for a while as my giant son borrowed my camera, much to my trepidation. Hence have been very teary deary - especially after yesterday. Remember my strangeness in the night with the handprint on my mirror? Prior to that the weirdo in my kitchen - who, by the by, reappeared a couple of weeks ago "sheltering" in my carport from the pelting rain and I shocked the life out of myself by getting quite angry at him and telling him to get off my property or I would call the police. Luckily he did!
Well, yesterday my next door neighbour knocked on my door to let me know that she had just spotted a bloke go into our communal bin area (I live in a quadruplex setup, but the homes are separate - no common walls), climb up on a bin, look furtively around and jump over the wall into the garage of the house directly in front of her (owners were out). This was about 2p.m. She is a young mum about same age as my Nat (they are close friends) with two littlies same age as my grandsons (I asked them once if they actually rang each other up to see if they were going to have sex that night because the kids are only days apart). Nat thinks I am a disgusting old woman. I digress. Without really thinking of the consequences, we marched up the driveway and she called out the name of the man who lives in the house. Oh, PS he had left his red bicycle resting on the wall. He came out of the house via the sliding glass door and said that Pete (the homeowner) was out, but would be back in a couple of minutes. She asked who he was and what he was doing there and he said Mike (yeah, sure) and he had come to do a few jobs for Pete, but he had forgotten to leave a key out. All seemed very suss to us, as usually this older couple have the same handyman all the time, plus this dude only had a backpack. So I said quite loudly that we would see if our other male neighbour was home and if he had Pete's mobile number so we could check. We went to the other neighbour, but the husband was not home, so we are standing out in the sunny driveway telling his pregnant wife the story, when the dude comes riding up the driveway and out the gate. We asked where he was going and he said we were a bunch of fucking busybodies and he was just going to buy a soft drink at the shop. Then he proceeded off in the wrong direction and my neighbour called after him that we were calling the cops. He told us to go fucking right ahead and do that - which we did. Needless to say, the cops still have not bothered to turn up and it has now been almost a day. The old couple did not get home til quite late and I only managed to catch her this morning to fill her in (much to her horror). I also rang my husband to find out what the situation was re the money for the security improvements and told him what had happened. He said "Well, you'll just have to be careful. I have only just put in the application." He has had it for 2 weeks. Thank you so much - typically unhelpful I might add. I used to be the one who checked out the bumps in the night and once even surprised an intruder hiding in our backyard!! Luckily I am a pretty aggro person when I get shocked like that. Any way, I am now going to go do some lovely gardening with my two babies coming over and try to not obsess - but I have to admit it has made me a total nervous wreck!

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verobirdie said...

You better be careful. Nice to have cooperative neighbours as yours, but still, you have to be careful. OK, I don't know what I would do at your place, probably go and check, and then be scared.
But don't try to be braver than necessary.