Saturday, September 8, 2007

Strangeness in the Night

WHY IS THERE A HANDPRINT ON MY BATHROOM MIRROR?? I saw it there this morning when I got up. At first I thought that I had put it there myself and racked my brains for when and why the hell I would have done that. Perhaps (and this is still an option) I got up in the night and put it there whilst still asleep???? Stupidly, I put my own hand on top of it to see if it was the same size - BUT, here's the really scary bit, it was bigger than mine and also I had to reach a bit to put my hand up there. Apart from the dog (and it sure don't look like one of hers!), I live alone, so I am just about crying with scaredness this morning. I know that I left my sliding door screen unlocked because I was getting sick of the dog barking at 2 a.m. to go out for a pee, so I am silly for doing that. I know when I tell my great big huge hulk of a son, he is going to get very cross about that. What concerns me is that I have had a weirdo intruder a couple of times about 6 weeks ago (same dude each time). I just felt that he was not the full quid, you know, a shovel short of a load. Either that or he was on some serious drugs. Young (everyone is to me), filthy dirty and shabby clothes, tall and rangy with dark curly hair. I never bothered to report it to the cops because I hardly felt they were going to put out a special BOLO, particularly as he left when I demanded he do so - informing him that the dog was old, unpredictable and inclined to be vicious.

The other thing going on in my house has more obvious
explanations. I know what those little lanterns have
been doing at night!
Dirty little buggers.

I had such fun yesterday doing some stuff for the quilt I am going to enter in the competition. I used to love that story about the Shoemaker and the Elves and it so reminded me of that! The really great thing about making these 5" by 3" clothes is that they aren't ever going to be worn and don't have to fit any body parts, so a hell of a lot of cheating can go on (e.g. just ironing the little shoulder straps, instead of sewing them which I tried but the machine kept eating them). There's also an awful lot of swears flying through the air, but over all great fun! I have sketched out six "frocks" so far and need nine and am so encouraged by the relative easiness of the task that I am going to lash out on a fashion mag this morning and find smore.


fiona d said...

that is really scary. Are you going to report it to the police now - they could maybe get fingerprints?

I LOVE the tiny little dresses - delicious - can't wait to see the rest

Midge said...

Thanks Fiona, I will be posting pics of the rest later today. Re the fingerprints, I can't do much because dumb old me put my hand right on top of the print and smudged it. Besides, what would the cops do? It sometimes takes them a couple of days to get around to a house where there has been a break- in in Perth. My gorgeous 6'5" son comes around every night now and makes sure all my doors and windows are locked. Also, have got my husband finally committed to putting in some better security in this place. (First of all, he was going to "think about it" - until I really let him have it!!)