Thursday, September 20, 2007


These are some cute little boots I had made for my newest grandson, Kieran. I had to put a little hidden extra stitch in as he kept kicking them off and soon it will be too warm for him to wear them! Plus he already has ginormous feet - typical Aussie plates.
This entry might be a tad baby oriented, but who cares - not me. I had Dylan yesterday and it struck me how imaginative and freely exploring is the mind of a child ( of 2 and a half). He keeps a gazillion trucks at my house and had decided to move all of them outside onto the paved area, plus all the stupid plastic trees that don't stand up properly, the cardboard roads that don't fit so well, the tiny fence areas that also fall over. Anyway, having arranged his little "site", he demanded that "Midgie get down and play with the trucks" and of course no excuse like "Midgie is old and can't get down there" was acceptable. So there I am in my extremely attractive and hideously expensive compression stockings (long story) kneeling on my arthritic knees and moving the trucks around. He, of course, knows the names of all of them - dump trucks, garbage trucks, tractors, forklifts, graders, petrol tankers, concrete mixers, etc, etc. So I am doing boring stuff like backing them around the trees and driving them to the parking lot. He, on the other hand, is putting the tiny concrete mixer onto the forklift tray and lifting it up to the top of the crane, where it sits. I don't need to say anything else, except there's a lesson for us all in this.
Feeling very anxious today as my son is flying out to Munich for the Beer Festival. Everyone says don't worry, he's a big boy (25) and my response is - don't forget I went there myself at much the same age and that's probably worrying me even more. I admit I get a bit funny when it comes to my son and my grandsons - probably because my first son was taken from me. I have horrible visions of kidnapping, abuse, death, bashings and so on that keep forcing their way into my head. I will be much relieved for many reasons when he gets back home.


arlee said...

A child's imagination is what we all need still--and often it *is* evident in our enthusiasm and risk taking!
The booties are SO cute! Share the process? Are they felted?

Nellie's Needles said...

It can be fun being a grandmother.

Life sure looks different from this end of the spectrum, doesn't it? There's not much use warning our young ones ... seems we all have to "live it" to "get it".