Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Distractions from Tasks on Hand!!

Ta- daaaa! The little dresses are all finished. Now I have to put them in their little windows. I have made them some little hangers as well. Yesterday was SUCH beautiful weather (23 degrees) that I could not
justify spending time inside. Instead, went for long walks, after spending far too much time on the computer roaming around in cyberspace checking out other blogs so I can get me a list of ones I love. Wow - there is so much talent out there.
I love walking around thinking about my work. So many ideas come and I probably should carry a notebook. Then I could be sketching all the wild fresias in the parks and people's lawns. Or jotting down plans for my bottlesbrush on hessian wallhanging. Instead, I just wander along in a dream, as per usual. Also, I had to stop into the local charity shop to buy a belt as my jeans kept falling down on my walk (how embarassing). Sadly, I am rather boy shaped and lack hips. My kids have occasionally walked in on me with said jeans around my ankles because I have been cooking or something and have just let them fall. I am a constant source of embarassment to them - I know that. They frequently threaten to have me put down if I get any more eccentric. That reminds me, I went up to the local shopping centre on Saturday, intending to buy some fairy lights (plain) for my little lanterns. Of course, I am a month too early as the shop there that sells all kinds of really, really cheap crap only had the lovely REALLY tacky stuff leftover from last year. I find, though that this kind of shop is such a nasty temptatation if you really riffle thru them you can come across some amazing little (tacky) treasures. So, I came home with a gorgeous battery operated lava lamp (for my grandson I keep saying, but no one believes me), a cellotape dispenser (with 3 rolls of cello), a set of plastic coasters in various bright colours that look like Mr Men people made out of jelly and they join into a circle by linking hands jigsaw style and finally a great umbrella with photo images of a leopard family. All this for less than $20!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone can answer these totally unrelated questions for me, I would be most grateful. 1. Buying fabric online - how reliable? what is the quality like? I am thinking about silk mainly. 2. Buying secondhand books from Amazon? Has anyone had any experience and would you recommend it?


arlee said...

Online fabric is fab, if you go to the right place---i often find the thrift shops are worth a haunt though cause i'm cheap :} There's a whole list of cyber shops that are great.

Second hand books i don't know about. but i've had great service with Amazon for new.

I'd love to go shopping with you--the dollar stores are SO alluring--and *i* know exactly where the real treasures are and how to put them to artistic use :}

Midge said...

Yes, me too. Cheap I mean - more of necessity these days! I feel encouraged by your comments on the fabrics and I too have found little gems in the thrift shops e.g. all those hideous old woollen jumpers that are ginormous and covered in Argyle diamonds. Wd be great for felting! I really have to stop launching into new projects every 2 seconds, tho because I am getting a bit afraid of the stuff I keep putting away unfinished (for later).