Thursday, September 13, 2007


Before we went shopping yesterday, I did a quick couple of experiments. For the blueish green one, I took a nappy liner and wetted it. Then i put random drops of that refill ink for the printer on it, added a sprinkle of salt crystals and sprayed the whole lot with more water. By the time I got home, it had attained this quite funky look and I am going to try a few rusted bits on there (of which there are many in my shed). For the hessian, first I sprayed it with this old can of gold paint from the shed that turned out too subtle to be seen. then I took some gold leaf paint and freehanded some leaf shapes. (Put glasses on afterwards and read this on the bottle: Warning: Cancer agent based on experimental data. Oh joy!! Then I riffled thru my makeup and found some old eyeshadows and blushes I have never used, so rubbed them into the hessian with baby wipes. So far, so good.
The real purpose of my blog this morning is to have a right royal bitch about what happened to me yesterday. Nat had some birthday money from her dad and wanted to buy some loose tops as she is still feeding baby Kieran and has not lost all her baby weight. So we go to this rather flash shopping mall and there is a store there that sells very up to the minute stuff (made in Asia) and incredibly cheap. She picks out about a million tops to try on, while I am wandering around with an eye on Dylan and trying to resist all the amazing bargains. (I didn't - ended up with a pair of shoes in the new wedge toe bright blue, a really long but light sweater in cobalt blue and another purple, grey and blue top and a large silver bag. Each item cost about $10). So, little Miss Typical Virgo is in the change room trying to find perfection in all these articles, meanwhile I am attempting to try the shoes on. Took off my boots and Dylan wanted his off too, so he could try mine on and then the pairs I was rejecting as well. At that time, bubs decides to cry in the stroller because he is starving, so I picked him up and soothed him as Dylan disappears into the display window to remove the shoes off the manequin. Realising that it was physically impossible for me to put on and rezip my boots and put Dylans back on without sitting down, I scanned around and found the only seat in the store - a semi-circular couch thing occupied by an old lady and a little girl of about 8. Right, I thought, surely that little girl could give me her seat for a couple of minutes while I juggle all these shoes. So battle up there with the stroller full of purchases, boots and shoes, Dylan and bub in my arms. I asked little girl very nicely if she would mind letting me sit for a few moments while I put my boots on. Ungraciously she got up and I sat. Meanwhile Dylan walked into all the bags that the old lady had at her feet, by accident. You could not see what was inside the bags, but she said "Oh don't do that, there are plants in there." Could not help it, so I said "Sorry, he's only 2 and obviously couldn't see the plants." She hrrrmphed. Then the old bitch said to the little girl "You're not feeling well are you sweetie, maybe you could squeeze in next to me." L G shook her head and looked longingly at my position. I said (very slowly and calmly) "Obviously she's well enough to come shopping. Anyway, like I said, I just want to get my shoes on and I am nearly done so she can have her seat back. I'll just walk around with this very hungry baby and manage this energetic two year old whilst looking after the stroller and all these parcels. I know appearances can be deceptive but I will be fine with my fractured vertebrae, newly broken ribs, the two vertebrae in the throes of crumbling and all the old breaks from the 30 broken ribs I have had in the last 3 years." And I got up and walked away. I heard the old bat say to her friend "I thought she was their mother." Yes, I do get that quite a bit and my poor daughter gets asked to show ID to buy scratchies (you have to be 16!!!), so we are a youngish looking lot. Nevertheless, I remember many a time being heavily pregnant and carrying a toddler on public transport where no one gave up their seat. And the really sad part about this? I hate to criticize my own sex, but it is ALWAYS women that behave so badly in my experience. That is off my chest now, I feel better.

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